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About the Program

Our Connect program supports adults living with a disability to create meaningful friendships with peers and be an active part of the community. Our program is developed with our participants NDIS goals in mind to provide ample opportunities to build on life skills, social skills and increase community inclusion.

We want Lotus Connect to feel like a community centre where friends come together to learn, participate, and socialise with each other. 

What we Offer

 - Sensory Area

 - Life Skill Building

 - Social Skill Development

 - Daily Community Access

What makes us different? 

Our vision is focused around developing, retaining and increasing independence and skills of adults living with a disability. We understand that everyone is different and we ensure that no matter your needs and level of engagement, you will be included and given opportunities to make choice and engage in social and community activities. Routine and predictability can be very important to some individual, so we create a program with set themes and planned activities, but also allow the participants to make choices and be in control of their lives.


Connect runs at two locations. Whilst both sites focus on the same developmental framework, the locations provide different opportunities. 

Prospect - Opportunities to explore our local and wider environment, establish connections and build skills within the community and onsite. 

Gawler - Opportunities to be an active part of the community, develop awareness of animals and our Lodge environment and work on a range of daily living skills. 

Email to find out more about our Connect Day options

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