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Q: How does TLP work?

1. Tell us what you need

This can be done over the phone, by email or a face to face chat. We'll talk about the kind of supports you are looking for and create a customized support plan to suit your individual needs.


2. We'll find you a match

We take this information and search through our support staff to find the best possible match for your family.


3. Schedule supports

Whether you want regular scheduled supports, occasional supports or something different we work with you to fit in with your family needs. You can choose to schedule supports direct with your support staff or through our admin team. Whatever works for you!


Q: How is TLP different to other Service Providers?

We aim to provide a customised style of support that fits in with your family, rather than a 'one size fits all' approach. If you prefer direct contact with your nominated support we can arrange for that or scheduling can run through out admin team for confirmation. If you'd prefer supports to be structured rather than a relaxed style - we can create your customised plan to reflect this.

We make sure we fit in with your needs rather than you fitting in with us!


Q: What if the support worker isn't a good match?

If you don't feel as though we've got the right match, just let us know at any stage and we'll work with you to find the right match.


Q: If I already have a support worker that I want to keep can they join TLP?

Absolutely! As long as they have the minimum required clearances and certifications then they can jump on board and support your family through TLP.


Q: Will the support worker get a good hourly pay rate?

We pay TLP support staff above the SCHADS (Social And Community Services Award) and we adjust our rates to reflect the following different shift types;

-Standard Rate

-Evening Rate

-Sleepover Rate (Passive and Active)

-Saturday Rate

-Sunday Rate

-Public Holiday Rate


Q: I still have more questions, can I talk to someone face to face?

Absolutely! You can call us on any of the contact numbers on our Contact Us page and we can organise for someone to come and meet you, alternatively you can always call in to our site and see our friendly staff and our adult day options program. 

We are located at 477 Regency Road, Prospect SA 5082 (look for the grey building near the Main North Road/Regency Road Intersection. Driveway access and parking at the rear) 

If you have any other questions or would like someone to contact you to create a customized support plan, contact us HERE.

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