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About us

Our philosophy at The Lotus Project is to provide a tailored program or support plan to suit everyone, regardless of their ability or stage in life.


We create programs to bring like minded people together and provide the opportunity to make friends through guided support. TLP strives to create unique programs beyond 'respite'. All of our programs focus on individual needs, wants, goals and skills. We love to challenge, excite and grow with each other to experience life and make the most of what we've got!

Our approach is to be considerate of the family dynamics and promote sibling inclusion where possible.  We aim to create a sense of normality utilising a friendship based model that supports our friends to be the best they can be. We ensure that all care plans are customised and support the work of other external service providers. 

We understand that everyone’s goals are different, so a customised approach is necessary, working directly with your dedicated support worker, scheduling can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

We are passionate about providing support options that suit your family and look forward to creating a customised support plan for you!

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