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What is a Developmental Educator?

Developmental Educators support in the development and implementation of strategies and plans to achieve NDIS goals and live a meaningful life. DE's work collaboratively with the individuals support team to create an effective Positive Behaviour Support Plan, and implement Skill Development plans.

Developmental Educators at Lotus?

Our DE's provide Behaviour Support and Skill Development.

Our DE's at Lotus, Tori & Jaclyn are passionate about a person centered approach, supporting not only the individual, but their family as a whole. Our DE's work hands on, to discover each individuals interests, passions and communication skills, to further develop skills and reach goals.

DE's at Lotus are passionate about opening opportunities for those they support, and supporting Lotus programs to continue being developmentally focused, and reaching goals with our friends. 


Our Developmental Educators are located in Greenacres! 

Email us to find out more about what we can offer -

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